title - te tangi

Te Tangi a te Matuhi is a publication initiated by writer and artist Leigh Davis to catalogue and discuss the themes surrounding his installation work Station of Earth-Bound Ghosts.

The song (cry) of the rare (extinct?) fern wren (te matuhi) is a translation of this title, given first to one of the songs of legendary Maori warrior/prophet Te Kooti.

The design objective of the book was to explore the legacy of Te Kooti and the themes of Davis' work by employing a raw, economical, ambiguous, and collagist style - reflecting his approach to writing.

As this is a self-published work, budget was tight. This determined the choices of materials and techniques, and tied in well with the creative objective. Design and production was handled entirely by DV8 Creative within a tight 8-week deadline.

author: Leigh Davis.
contributing artists: Stephen Bambury,
Toby Curnow,
John Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds.

contributing writers: Wystan Curnow,
Wirangi Pera, Haare Williams.
design and production: Stephen Canning.
print: Acme Printing.

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