title - red seal

When the marketing manager of Red Seal asked me to come up with a sell-in campaign for their new vitamin B product, he wanted to try a new approach.

We were directly competing with Berocca which was not then available at supermarkets, and he identified what was popular knowledge - that Berocca was widely used for hangovers.

So, without appearing too authoritative or making misleading claims, we wanted to have a bit of fun while reminding people that vitamin B can help with hangovers.

Photographer Chris Williams and I invented the character of Dr Cringle and with a style recalling the 50s, when advertising seemed so much more naive, began to play with all the myths that have surrounded hangovers through the years.

What we came up with was a set of cards that deal to hangover myths, and a guide book of Cringle anecdotes about achieving a hangover.

creative, design and production: Stephen Canning.
co-creative and photography: Chris Williams.
print: Focus Printing.

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