title - jackbooks

John Marshall Media is a voice recording studio in Manhattan specilising in voice talent for audiobooks and e-books. Tthey chose DV8 Creative to work on their identity, and design a CMS-powered website.

They found DV8 Dashboard suited their needs perfectly. With a changing focus on different aspects of their business and development of new products, it allowed them to easily change their website accordingly. It also allowed them to create specialised pages for individual clients and pitches, with easy web-bsed file management.

Above all, we were able to incorporate their extensive voice database, for instant online auditioning of their voice talent, without having to rebuild it. Like many sites built with DV8 Dashboard, it is also "responsive", meaning it adapts on-the-fly to whatever device and screen-orientation the user is browsing with.

client: John Marshall Media.
design and web development: Stephen Canning.
site maintenance: John Marshall Media.
photography: online stock sources.