title - SDS

I have had the privilege of collaborating with many firms, small and large, from New Zealand and overseas, in their process of branding or rebranding. An integral part of this process is the creation of a unique and memorable graphic identity. These are just a small sample of graphics produced over the last two decades.

The process for me begins with identifying all the key stakeholders in the brand, and discovering as much as possible about their needs and values on a personal and emotional level, through questioning and observing. It is through this process that I can work with the client to discover the insights which are key to the ideation process.

This is the process which ensures a unique and targeted result, giving rise to that "AHA" moment, a "smile in the mind" that can firmly root a successful graphic identity in the mind of the viewer. The strength of a visual idea can set a brand apart in its market space, creating customer retention and an enduring style. Some of these marks have served well for nearly 20 years.

identity design: Stephen Canning.