title - boiler room

Sometimes just a few key elements are all that's needed to establish an identity, and I prefer to leave them raw rather than over-designed.

When it came to The Boiler Room, an interior design store which, among other things, repurposes industrial furniture and fittings for modern interiors, it was easy to draw inspiration from the product.

The metallic blue and yellow colour scheme drew directly from colours used in the industrial equipment around the workshop.

The typeface Conduit was an obvious choice - designer Mark van Bronkhorst describes his face as "...the kind of lettering you might find on boilers, assembly diagrams and dessicant packets..."

So here was a perfect opportunity to use this popular - often misused - typeface, in a vernacular context.

client: The Boiler Room.
design and art direction: Stephen Canning.

photography: Becky Nunes.
print: Acme Printing.